Welcome to, the online home of Van der Salm Farms, Inc DBA Our American Roots. Our American Roots is America's largest grower of hybrid lilium bulbs. We are also a grower of Hostas, Peonies, Crocosmias, and Hemerocallis. As well as growing our own product, we import Tulips, Daffodils, Dutch Iris, Gladiolus and Lilies from Holland.

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Asiatic & LA Lily Order Form (.xls)

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Gladiolus & Calla Lily Order Form (.xls)

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 BLACK BEARD™                          CREAMSICLE™                          GOLDEN SUNSET™                  COMMANDER IN CHIEF™

Black Beard      Creamsicle      Golden Sunset      Commander in Chief


ADRIANA™                                GOLD RUSH™                    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY™                      VERA CRUZ™   

Adriana      Gold Rush      Happy Anniversary      Vera Cruz

We are a wholesale plant company, incorporated in 1981.  We have a growing selection of bulbs and plants for the forcing, dry sale, and container/nursery industry.  We maintain strong bonds with our suppliers and customers to allow us to move with the market demands and maintain a knowledge base of how products perform for growers and end users.
You can contact us with questions or suggestions at:
 35306 NW Toenjes Rd Woodland WA, 98674 USA
Phone: (360) 263-2180 Fax: (360) 263-3180


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